Do we offer FFDM training?

Yes. Each activity involving mammography incorporates FFDM.

To understand the background for the terminology: Radiographic breast imaging evolved over the past 40 years from “(Film) Mammography (including Xeromammography), then to Film-Screen Mammography.

Thereafter, “digital mammography” (DM) appeared. DM was initially performed with 2 or 3 small views per breast, clearly impractical for large-scale implementation. Full-field Digital Mammography (FFDM) soon followed when receptors as large as film appeared. For FFDM the MQSA required modality training as a new modality.

FFDM is now frequently termed “2D mammography” to distinguish it from Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT), (also sometimes called “3D mammography”).
In DBT practice, it remains customary to include “2D mammography”. This step may either be as additional images (standard FFDM, a separate acquisition), or as “synthetic 2D Imaging”, rendered from the DBT data.

From an educational standpoint, each DBT presentation now covers FFDM, or the synthetic 2D equivalent from DBT, so every mammography presentation teaches FFDM. (DBT is also a new modality, requiring 8 hr training. If alone FFDM does not count as DBT).